In 2013 we started by advising organizations with their CSR strategy and report. Throughout the years we have been evolving our services. We want to be an organization that provides turnkey solutions. By not only providing a CSR strategy that fits your company, but also by implementing and activating the strategy. We are convinced of our approach and willing to take a financial risk in this process. See below some of the projects we got involved with.

About our clients

Our clients are companies that want to take the next step on their journey to Create Shared Value. Whether it is their first CSR report or the final stage of their multi-stakeholder, gamechanging disruptive innovation process.

They choose us because we understand their business goals while simultaneously challenge them to incorporate non-financial metrics in their decisionmaking process.

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Lloyd’s Register Rail




Falck Netherlands

Van Oord Marine Ingenuity


Nyenrode Business Universiteit

RTL Nederland

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