We firmly believe that businesses are THE perfect agents to lead transformation. They need to adapt, innovate and create new opportunities for growth - in short, do what business does best. Heartbeat Strategy guides these companies to become a positive force for change by advancing their business and embed sustainability in their day to day operations.


Business is changing. With today’s ever accelerating societal challenges and technological developments, companies are heading towards a paradigm shift. In this paradigm shift sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and societal goals are increasingly becoming important for companies in all industries. In this day and

age there is a growing demand for transparency, climate change and resource scarcity are acknowledged on a global scale, consumer choices are changing, investors are looking for new business models like the sharing economy and circular economy, and small start-ups grow rapidly to become serious competitors.

We firmly believe that businesses are THE perfect agents to lead transformation

- Heartbeat Strategy -


We believe




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We are driven by transformation! Because it’s in our nature to transform, all the time, depending on our circumstances and environment. Nature. Businesses. People. They all transform. At Heartbeat Strategy we strive to transform ‘with’ and ‘on’ purpose. By our highly systematic, and deeply personal approach we help your organization to become a positive force for change.


  • The tower resembles a beacon of trust
  • The “rook” in the game of chess, is the only chess piece that moves over the two axes: impact on society and business. Just like Heartbeat Strategy.
  • Representing the co-founder Tim, aka the ‘Chess Player’


  • We open up Ivory Towers (organizations), amplifying their purpose and interaction with stakeholders
  • We reach both the heart (responsibility) AND the beat (profitability)


  • Our logo consists out of one line, resembling the eight-shape of the infinity-symbol, which stands for sustainability
  • The infinity symbol also resembles “8”, the number of countries that Yasin, aka the ‘World Citizen’ has lived in


  • The shield symbolises stewardship
  • The outcome, the centre, the optimum where People, Planet, and Purpose meet, resulting in ‘sustainability’

Heartbeat Strategy originates from the period where Tim Mazajchik and Yasin Amani met during their International MBA at Nyenrode Business University. As a red thread, Corporate Social Responsibility was woven in throughout the modules. Inspired by the topic Heartbeat Strategy became a fact.


Yasin and Tim were neighbours on campus at Nyenrode Business University, where they shared a similar experience. Throughout all the modules of their International MBA, they realised that sustainability played a vital role. In sessions with board members of Philips, DSM, Achmea, IBM, Microsoft and others, sustainability appeared to be the next big thing on the management agenda. Since Yasin and Tim both had an entrepreneurial mindset and got to know each other quite well during the 12 months they spent together at Nyenrode, they decided to collaborate, launching their company, Heartbeat Strategy, immediately after graduation.

At the moment there is an estimated one million people self-employed in the Netherlands. A great pool of people to tap into if you ask us. Positioned as a network organisation we aim to create unique and creative project teams in a heartbeat (no pun intended). Our core will however remain the same: meet The Chess Player & The World Citizen!

Tim Mazajchik

The chess player


Tim is mainly involved in data-analysis, research, product and proposition-development.


Tim has studied Business (BSc) and Marketing Research (Msc, with distinction) at Tilburg University; and International MBA at Nyenrode Business University . He mainly worked in consulting roles in marketing intelligence consultancy companies. He was involved in major research projects for top Dutch companies in the Financial, Energy, Government, and Leisure sectors.

Fun-fact: Tim was a Dutch Team Chess champion at nine years-old, and Dutch Rapid Chess champion at 15.

Yasin Amani

The world citizen


Yasin is mainly involved in financial business modelling, concept development, and trend and innovation-watching.


Yasin has studied Business Economics (BSc) at Hogeschool Utrecht; and International MBA at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Previously he joined a leading dredging company in the world as an international project controller where he had set up and executed complex maritime projects. This provided him a steep learning curve in setting up large scaled international projects.

Fun-fact: Yasin has lived in eight countries in total. Here’s a list in chronological order, Iran, Netherlands, UAE, Oman, Spain, UK, Australia, and New Zealand (and back to the Netherlands of course)

Simeon Beister

The Explorer


Simeon is researching the effect of 'societal marketing' on loyalty and consideration, as a means to complete his Master Thesis at the Vrije Universiteit.


Simeon studied technical business administration and marketing (BA) in his home town, Hamburg. Currently he is in the process of completing his Master in Marketing at the Vrije Universiteit, which has made him a big fan of Amsterdam and its festivals.

Fun fact: Simeon has more experience at innovative sustainable startups than the rest of Heartbeat Strategy together: he has peeked in the 'kitchen' at Deliveroo, Foodist, Lemonaid en Bloomon to help them with their (online) marketing and communication.

Heartbeat Strategy is a networking organisation and builds strategic partnerships with organisations who add value for our clients. Meet the partners with whom we work together on projects where our joint expertise delivers added value.